Some things never change

Mike McClellan has long been regarded as one of the finest singer, songwriter, guitarists Australia has ever produced.  He's had three top 5 singles, recorded ten albums, of which two went gold, many songs covered internationally, hosted his own TV series on the ABC (Australia's national broadcaster) for four years and sold out concerts across Australia.  He's universally known as The Song and Danceman after the title of his biggest hit which was voted song of the year by the Australian Music industry in 1974.  It's an iconic song in his native Australia and has been covered many times around the world.

For 15 years he was the pre-eminent singer songwriter of his generation in Australia before retiring from the road to pursue a very succesful career in advertising.  But in the last 5 years he has returned to writing and performing and, in the words of ABC 702 radio's Drive presenter Richard Glover, "just gets better and better."

A new album - No Intermission


Mike is currently recording a new album - all new songs - with acclaimed producer Matt Fell with whom he worked when recording Dancing In The Rain.  Titled No Intermission after one of the most poignant songs he has ever written this album continues his remarkable late career resurgence.  With two albums of wonderful new songs released in the last three years and another coming soon he shows no signs of slowing down.

Reviewing the last album,  Dancing In The Rain, for Rhythms magazine, Trevor Leeden said, "Four decades has done nothing to erode McClellan's musical strengths, and on the evidence here he remains one of our finest acoustic singer-songwriters."  No Intermission will simply re-confirm his reputation.

Free album sampler.

If you go to the samples page you can hear a powerful new song, Simple Man that was recorded at the same time as Dancing In The Rain but was not included on the CD.  It may well end up on the new album where its subject matter sits more comfortably with the rest of Mike's new songs.


Mike McClellan DVD - Live at The Basement - July 9, 2015

If ever proof were needed that Mike McClellan still has "IT" this is it.  Available
through the shop in both PAL and NTSC formats.   This is Mike McClellan as so many love to see him - solo with three guitars and a wonderful selection of songs from his long career.