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Press Release - Mike McClellan returns with No Intermission

Yet again Mike McClellan has an album of wonderful new songs, his third in 5 years. No Intermission was again produced by Matt Fell and continues the remarkable consistency of his later career revival.

In reviewing his 2011 album If Only For a Moment... Pat Drummond wrote in Country Update, "a stunning new CD.  In the context of a long and illustrious career this is a very special album... for one of Australia's most influential country/folk legends."  The album that followed, Dancing In The Rain, was regarded as even better. 

So, where do you rank No Intermission?  Steve Britt, writing in Rythms magazine wrote, "I regard this album as the strongest of his latter day albums and easily the equal of his 70s work."  This album, while retaining the very personal nature of his writing also explores a broader range of subject matter than much of his past work.  The title track, No Intermission, draws its inspiration from a very intimate, poignant relationship he observed many years ago and uses that observation as a metaphor for the inevitability of change and the need for all of us to pause and reflect on what really matters.  That theme runs through many of his songs.  The environment, the political landscape, displaced refugees, the decline of trust that appears to infect the faith we share in our institutions and, of course, the nature of love, redemption and change are all themes that he explores with his customary insight and poetic sensibility.  Engaging, thoughtful and filled with wonderful melodies it may well come to be regarded as his master work.

It is now over 40 years since Song and Danceman was a national hit and voted Song of The Year by the music industry at its annual awards.  His songs have earned him an honoured place within the history of Australian music and you'll still hear Song and DancemanThe One I Love and Rock'n Roll Lady on radio, along with several others from his extensive back catalogue but until the release of If Only For a Moment... in 2011 it had been 20 years since Mike McClellan had released a CD of new songs.  A “best of” collection (Time. And Time Again) was released back in 2001 to the joy of many whose vinyl collections were wearing rapidly. 

it has surprised nobody who knew his early work that his three albums of new songs since returning to his music full time should be so good.  He remarked in a recent interview. "When I made the decision to return to performing and writing again I didn't want to come back and just play the old stuff, as good as it might be.  And I didn't want to release any new material unless I felt it was at least the equal of, and preferably better than, the songs I had recorded all those years ago.  I'm first and foremost a writer.  I still love the challenge and still get excited when I think I might have written something I can be proud of and happy to perform. I think No Intermission lives up to the standards I set myself  - and I'm my harshest critic.  I hope others believe so too."

It's doubtful any will disagree.  No Intermssion easily sustains the exceptional quality of his much-loved early work while richly reflecting his growth as a writer and is ample testimony to his enduring talent.  And of course he’s one hell of a guitar player.

He has returned to the road and will continue, as he told one interviewer, “for as long as I can still deliver. I love performing, always have, and many have said I’m singing better than ever.  I guess I'm lucky. The voice is still good. And there will be more albums.  Many years ago I called an album Until The Song Is Done. It still isn't.”

For further information talk to Doug Trevor: +61 407 436 220.

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