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Press Release - He's back, Dancing In the Rain

Mike McClellan returns with a brand new album of songs, his second in three years.  Dancing In The Rain was produced by the much awarded Matt Fell and will only enhance Mike's reputation as one of the finest song writers this country has ever produced. 

In reviewing his 2011 album If Only For a Moment... Pat Drummond wrote in Country Update, "a stunning new CD.  In the context of a long and illustrious career this is a very special album...for one of Australia's most influential country/folk legends." For many who have heard it Dancing In The Rain is even better. 

Among the 11 songs on the album are several that he has been playing in concert for the past year.  I Wonder Who You're Waiting For has been getting enormous reaction and will surely join the catalogue of classic McClellan songs. 

It is 40 years since Song and Danceman was a national hit and voted Song of The Year by the music industry at its annual awards so it is perhaps not surprising that Mike should re-interpret his signature song for this album.  He played it on his acoustic guitar for Matt Fell (who was born in the year it was released and had never heard Mike's hit version) and asked him not to listen to the original ..."I want your take on how this song should be recorded."  The result speaks for itself.  It's a wonderfully reflective reinterpretation of a song that, ironically, may be even more relevant than when Mike first recorded it.

Grahame Lister, noted English based writer/producer recently wrote of Dancing In The Rain:

“One thing I can say without too much fear of contradiction is that lyrically McClellan is a poetic seeker after truth, and always has been. But this collection represents a peak of expression.  It cuts closer to the bone - profoundly so.  As such, it probably says more about his feelings than any of his previous works."

His songs have earned him an honoured place within the history of Australian music and you'll still hear Song and Danceman, The One I Love and Rock'n Roll Lady on radio, along with several others from his extensive back catalogue but until the release of If Only For a Moment... in 2011 it had been 20 years since Mike McClellan had released a CD of new songs.  A “best of” collection (Time. And Time Again) was released back in 2001 to the joy of many whose vinyl collections were wearing rapidly. 

That Dancing In The Rain sustains the exceptional quality of his much-loved early work while richly reflecting his growth as a writer is ample testimony to his enduring talent.  And of course he’s one hell of a guitar player.

He has returned to the road and will continue, as he remarked recently, “for as long as I can still deliver. I love performing, always have, and many have said I’m singing better than ever.  I guess I'm lucky. The voice is still good. And there will be more albums.  Many years ago I called an album Until The Song Is Done. It still isn't.”

For further information talk to Doug Trevor: 0407 436 220

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